The Golf Lab was a real eye opening experience for me, what a great environment to work on your golf game, very professional. The Lab has all the latest technology to record your swing and give you immediate visual feedback you can work with as will as numbers that reflect swing speed, launch angle, spin rates, etc., which is the new recipe for success . After just a couple of lessons I gained yardage and height on all my shots but more importantly I had swing fundamentals instilled in me that I can easily draw on to keep my game viable. Thank you Eric you have built a world class training Lab and I am encouraging all my golf buddies to try it out.

John Stuart

I was introduced to Golf Lab by the founder and owner Eric Woods. I’m a single digit handicap player who rarely enjoys practice and have never been one to beat balls on the range with or without instruction. I visited the new Golf Lab facility in Santa Ana, Ca and was immediately excited entering the door. The vibe and atmosphere had a laid back “man cave” feel to it. I thought to myself this is a place I can enjoy and have fun practicing and tuning up my game, needless to say I signed up after the first session for a full package. I’ve always struggled with verbal instruction without seeing immediate feedback. With the foresight technology I was able to get that much needed instant feedback. The ability to track distances with every club in my bag, see swing dynamics relative to touring pros and better understand the statistics that affect each and every shot are a total game changer. I would highly recommend any avid or recreational golfer to check out the Golf Lab, improve your game and have fun doing it! Eric and Jake make working on your game way more enjoyable than those over priced green fees and crowded tee boxes…..

Mike Close