Newport Beach Golf Lessons

Are you excited to have a fantastic time and enhance your golf skills at exceptional golf lessons near Newport Beach? Golf Lab Academy offers a enjoyable and calm atmosphere where they use advanced cameras to capture different shots and angles, helping you improve your game. It’s the ultimate experience for golf lessons!


Introductory Lesson

30 Minutes – $79
60 Minutes – $149

Convenient Golf Lessons Near Newport Beach Courses

Golf Lab Academy is the perfect choice for Newport Beach golfers looking to enhance their golf game. Located just minutes away from renowned local courses such as Newport Beach Golf Course, Big Canyon Country Club, Hyatt Newport Back Bay Golf Course, The Newport Beach Country Club, and Pelican Hill Golf Club, it offers utmost convenience. Specifically, whether you take the neighborhood streets or hop on the 55 freeway, reaching Golf Lab Academy is a breeze. You’ll have the opportunity to improve your skills at this exceptional facility, situated in close proximity to these prestigious golf courses.

5-Star Golf Lesson Ratings

OC Golf Lessons Golf Lab Academy 5-star Rating

It was a great experience. John is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and shows you how and what will fix your game. I’m definitely going back for more lessons.

Robert D. on Google

The lab is GREAT! Fantastic set up and teaching facility. Dan is amazing. I have no doubt that Dan will get me in the single digits so I can take all of my golf buddies $$$$$.

John M. on Google

I’ve been coming to the Golf Lab for over 20 years. it’s an amazing environment for parties and lessons. if you want to grow your game, or your business you need to check out the Golf Lab near Newport. Great people who always make you feel comfortable no matter your ability.

Michael G. on Google

Sensational Newport Beach golf lessons facility with a great coaching team!

Joseph R. on Google

Newport Beach Golf Lessons Photos

The comfortable lesson facility and hitting area are very unique. Most importantly, they are built for swift improvement in your golf game. We feel strongly that golf lessons near Newport Beach should be a memorable experience.

 Golf  Instruction Types

Using high-speed cameras, we strategically capture various shots, gaining valuable insights into areas where players struggle with ball striking and scoring. This innovative approach provides the ultimate learning experience, enabling you to improve your game significantly. Our experienced instructors will collaborate with you, creating a personalized Newport Beach golf lessons plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Individual Lessons

A spacious studio provides privacy for student and instructor to focus without distractions. Most importantly, this creates an outstanding learning environment for golfers to learn quickly and efficiently.

Group Instruction

Golf instructor teaches up to 4 of people various techniques and strategies. Group lessons are often more affordable than private lessons. Furthermore, they provide a fun and social atmosphere for improving each players golf game.

Swing Analysis

Golf swing analysis is done using video technology, which allows the golfer and instructor to review the swing in detail. Specifically, analysis reveals issues with alignment, club position, and timing, among other things.

Golf Stance

Golf stance analysis involves evaluating a golfer’s stance to ensure it is correct and appropriate for their swing. This includes assessing the position of the feet, knees, hips, and spine for proper alignment and balance.

Putting Instruction

Our putting studio combines high speed video cameras to analyze putting fundamentals. Additionally, the Foresight Quad putting launch monitor is used to analyze putter face angle, path, and ball rotation.

Club Analysis

Golf club analysis is the process of evaluating a golfer’s equipment to ensure it is suited to their swing and playing style. This can involve examining factors such as club length, shaft flex, clubhead design, and grip size.

19th Hole Newport Beach

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you gather with your friends, sharing stories of impressive shots and unforgettable moments. Our spacious bar awaits, offering a comfortable and stylish setting for you to enjoy a refreshing beverage of your choice. Multiple TVs add to the lively ambiance, allowing you to catch up on the latest golf tournaments or cheer for your favorite sports teams.

Newport Beach Golf Lesson Videos

Golf is a challenging and complex sport, but with the right guidance and practice, anyone can become a skilled player. At our platform, we understand that not everyone has the time for in-person Newport Beach golf lessons. Alterntatively, we offer a variety of video lessons and tips to help you enhance your skills on your own schedule.

Our expert instructors, like John Burkle below, provide clear and concise instruction in a way that’s easy to understand. Through our engaging videos, you can quickly grasp essential techniques and strategies. This allows you to apply what you’ve learned directly to your game. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level, our video lessons and tips are designed to help you succeed at your own pace.

Membership and Event Opportunities

Searching for an exceptional venue to entertain employees, clients, or host your next event? Discover the extraordinary offerings of Golf Lab Academy! Beyond providing Newport Beach golf lessons, we offer Corporate Memberships, Corporate Events, and Private Events that guarantee a remarkable experience for all.

Indulge in private and group lessons, delightful happy hours. Additionally, enjoy our expansive hitting area and inviting bar. At Golf Lab Academy, you and your team can forge lasting memories in a spacious and comfortable environment. Book your event now and embark on an unforgettable journey with your colleagues and friends.

Company Memberships

With Monthly Memberships, companies can entertain employees and clients while learning golf through private and group lessons. Enhance team bonding and skill development as you enjoy lunch at the facility or unwind with a lively Happy Hour after work.

Company Events

Our facility is the perfect setting to foster team building and cultivate new relationships with employees, clients, and colleagues. If golf is a shared passion among your colleagues, the Golf Lab offers a fantastic environment to unwind, learn, share laughter, and indulge in friendly competition.

Private Events

Treat your friends to an unforgettable Newport Beach golf lessons experience. Specifically, an expansive hitting area, a large comfortable bar with multiple TVs, and the expertise of a dedicated teaching professional. Enjoy private personalized guidance for your golf game and technique.

Discover How Newport Beach Golf Lessons Elevate Your Skills

Are you curious about how golf lessons near Newport Beach can transform your game? Let’s tee it up!

Golf Lab Academy Orange County Golf Lessons Facility Outside

The facility is conveniently located right off the 55. Additionally, parking is free and your golf lessons near Newport Beach experience will be unforgettable.

Personalized Instruction: At Newport Beach golf lessons, you receive tailored guidance to suit your unique needs and abilities. The experienced instructors work closely with you, providing individual attention that helps you progress faster.

Expert Techniques: Learn the tried-and-true techniques used by professionals to enhance your swing, stance, and overall game. The knowledgeable instructors break down these techniques into easily understandable steps, ensuring you grasp them effortlessly.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Experience the power of advanced technology at Newport Beach golf lessons. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment, such as high-speed cameras and launch monitors, instructors analyze your every move. This enables you to identify areas for improvement and make precise adjustments to refine your skills.

Practice in Realistic Settings: Newport Beach golf lessons go beyond the classroom. You have access to simulated on-course scenarios, allowing you to practice shots in various challenging situations. Specifically, this practical approach strengthens your decision-making abilities and boosts your confidence on the course.

Progress Tracking: With regular assessments and progress tracking, you can monitor your development and celebrate your milestones. Most importantly, Newport Beach golf lessons offer tangible evidence of your growth, motivating you to strive for even greater achievements.

Fun and Supportive Environment: Golf lessons near Newport Beach are not just about serious training; they’re also about having a blast. Specifically, the pub atmosphere and camaraderie among fellow golfers create an enjoyable and supportive learning environment.

So, are you ready take your golf game to new heights and have some fun doing it? Embrace this incredible opportunity and unlock your true potential on the green!